Fan Noli Foundation

Fan Noli Foundation is an institution that does not depend on the state.
Foundation for Culture and Art Fan Noli was created in 1994 at the initiative of a group of prominent intellectuals.
Financial resources are donated to the foundation by the Albanian state on the basis of decision No. 7892 Date 21/12/1994

The functioning and progress of this institution over the years have contributed many intellectuals and representatives of culture and art as, Demetrio Anagnosti, Ali Dhrimo- lingusit, Demetrio Xhuvani – writer, Emin Riza – historian, John Simon – composer, Zerina Kuke, Dhori Qiriazi – literary, Gazmend Leka – painter, Kujtim Laro – composer, Seit mancaku – linguist, Ali Oseku – painter