In its activity Foundation Fan Noli has supported 140 publications, 25 participation of people in various international competitions, 34 trips personalities of culture and art as well as students of postgraduate study abroad in their respective fields, 3 screenplays, 5 national festivals 13 stage shows, book fairs 4, 6 exhibitions, maintenance of several cultural monuments etc.., with a total value of 40 million lek.

This monument is the materialization of the results of the first of a project ambicios longstanding Foundation Fan Noli, to furnish the schools of the capital with Memorial prominent personalities, the name of whom they have the privilege of owning (Fan Noli, Sami Frashëri, Naim ash, Andon Zako Cajupi, Girolamo de Rada and many others). This initiative is intended to be realized with the contribution of public and private institutions, all Albanian community, inside and outside the country, and above all with the contribution of small but very precious to students and teachers themselves were the relevant schools.